The Accessible RMarkdown Writer is a tool that creates documents in various formats based on RMarkdown text.

It is designed to make the process of creating scientifically rigorous PDF, Word, and other types of documents easier for people with disabilities. Other ways of creating complex documents from text exist, such as LaTeX, but they are considerably more difficult to use, and require much higher levels of proficiency to be able to use properly.

RMarkdown is quite simple. It is essentially Markdown (a common formatting syntax) with the added ability to add inline R code. In addition, this tool has added features to customize the YAML headers and easily add BibTeX citations.

For more information, to tell us about issues, or to suggest additional features, please join our mailing list at freelists.org/list/arow.


For basic use, type something in the text box, choose your output filename and the file types, and hit the submit button.

For more advanced use, there are a number of tools. In the main text area, you may type Markdown text (for help, check out a quick reference guide on Markdown, or the full Markdown syntax), R code (by putting ```{r} above and ``` below your code), and insert a variety of symbols by using the menu above the text area (searchable by the shortcut Alt + /). For other options, click on the Advanced Options button where you can add custom YAML headers and manage citations. Citations are done using the citation manager; upload a citation BibTeX file or manually insert one, and the citations will be available from the Insert menu above the main text area or by the shortcut Alt + C (be sure to use proper citation style, more information on BibTeX citations here).

This system requires JavaScript.

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